vue-here-map is an advanced vue component to render detailed map in your Vue component.

vue-here-map uses map service and in order to work you need an APIKEY that you can get with a FREEMIUM account.


  • uses [] map service (free up to 250K calls monthly)
  • address auto-complete (you don’t need to give exact latitude and longitude data)
  • routing calculation and display (from address to destination )
  • traffic indication (with incidents and viability)
  • markers custom colors
  • 4 positions info box with your content


  1. Install thru npm
npm install @bit/ 
  1. Load scripts in your main.js
import LoadMapScript from '@bit/'
Vue.use ( LoadMapScript )
  1. Include in your component
      address="Via Nazionale,Roma,Italy" 
      destination="Via Conca d'Oro,Roma,Italy" 
      box="bottom left">
      <div slot="infoBox">
        <p><small>This is a demo of vue-here-map</small></p>

import HereMap from '@bit/'
export default {
  name: 'myComponent',
  1. Create a .env to set the APIKEY

In order to use the component you need a valid APIKEY from Create an .env file in the root of your project and add the following line.

I suggest to create a domain whitelist from your account settings in order to use your APIKEY only from those domains



Coords mode

origin (string lat,lng values separated by comma)

Set origin coords to display on the map.

<here-map origin="41.89953,12.4914"/>

endpoint (string lat,lng values separated by comma)

Set endpoint coords to display on the map (auto routing mode)

<here-map origin="41.89953,12.4914" endpoint="41.94032,12.5247"/>

Autocomplete mode

address (string)

Autocomplete mode origin address to display on the map as the origin point (Start address in routing mode)

<here-map address="5th Ave,New York,USA"/>

destination (string)

Autocomplete mode destination address. Using the destination address vue-here-map automatically calculate and visualize the routing

<here-map address="5th Ave,New York,USA" destination="42nd Street,New York,USA"/>


ui (true,false)

Enable map default UI (zoom,extra options)

<here-map ... :ui="false"/>

Omit if you want to display the default UI.

traffic (true,false)

Display traffic information. You can omit this attribute since the map has is own UI from where you can enable traffic information (incidents included)

<here-map address="5th Ave,New York,USA" destination="42nd Street,New York,USA" :traffic="true"/>

infoBox (true,false)

Enable a box with your content. If enabled add your content using the slot infoBox

    address="5th Ave,New York,USA"
    <div slot="infoBox">
        <p><small>This is a demo of vue-here-map</small></p>

box (string)

Set the infoBox position. Available options : top left , top right , bottom left , bottom right. Default is bottom left.

    address="5th Ave,New York,USA"
    box="top left">
    <div slot="infoBox">
        <p><small>This is a demo of vue-here-map</small></p>

color (string)

Set the color of the marker(s). When using with destination assign 2 colors separated by comma. Default is green,red

    address="5th Ave,New York,USA"

interactive (true,false)

When enabled clicking on city names display the population (if available)

    address="5th Ave,New York,USA"


Autocomplete indicates that vue-here-map will calculate geocoords of an address.

Simple map, no autocomplete

<here-map origin="41.89953,12.4914"/>

Routing map, no autocomplete

<here-map origin="41.89953,12.4914" endpoint="42.89953,10.4914/>

Automplete map

<here-map address="5th Ave,New York,USA"/>

Routing map with Autocomplete

<here-map address="5th Ave,New York,USA" destination="Park Ave.,New York,USA"/>